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“Engineering is boring, difficult and for boys”. These are just some of the negative stereotypes attached to studying engineering in college.University enrollment in engineering programs is down and institutions are finding it more and more difficult to fill the vacancies. Suffice to say, engineering studies are not popular amongst young people, or teens, and especially not for women and girls.

As a result, the Department of Business and Innovation of the Generalitat de Catalunya requested a campaign to help dispel the unfavorable perceptions connected to engineering, and to attract future students to the sector. Their goal was to reawaken interest in engineering and to distribute accurate information on the often stigmatized sector.

| There are as many engineering jobs as there are types of people. You just have to find the right one.

To achieve their goal and to make engineering more appealing to young people and adolescents, a two part campaign was proposed. Both parts would be carried out on the social network preferred by the target audience: Instagram.

| Phase #1: choose your own adventure

Inspired by “choose your own adventure” children’s books, the first part of the campaign was a game. Players found themselves at a San Juan festival where they were faced with different scenarios. Depending on the choices they made throughout the game, the ending would differ for each player.

We made an open Instagram account- @desbloqueja.el.teu.futur with 23 postings that players used to dive into the game and start charting their own course.

All the decisions made throughout the game lead the player down a different path. Any diviation on one path would lead to a different outcome, and so on. With six possible endings, players discovered the engineering career for which they were best suited. Among the possible engineering outcomes:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Sound engineering
  • Videogame engineering
  • Robotic engineering

Each ending included a short video interview with someone currently working in each sector. The engineers spoke directly to the player to explain why their decisions led them to that particular engineering job. Here, the two phases of the campaign converge: the illustrations in the “choose your own ending” section, and the video testimonials.

| Phase #2: engineering is tangible, familiar and popular

The second phase of the campaign included more in-depth interviews with the six engineers we met earlier. For example, in the case of the biomedical engineer, we showed her working in her lab, and carrying out day-to-day tasks. And we saw the robotics engineer, for example, turning his models into reality

The six videos were shot and edited in vertical format, about 15 seconds each, an ideal length and style to become ads for Instagram Stories, a function of the social network Instagram. After the videos, the user was prompted to go back to the account @desbloqueja.el.teu.futur in order to play again, or to go to the website of the Generalitat de Catalunya to learn more about which Catalan universities offer the chosen engineering program.

All 15-second video were mixed to form an unique and principal video:


First phase:

Illustrations: Adán Martínez

Illustration assistant: Nerea Morales

Script: Adán Martínez and Carolina Alvarez

Second phase:

Head of production: Núria Casadó

Filmmaking: Josep Gutiérrez

DoP: Josep Gutiérrez

Cameraman assistant: Paul Acosta

Copy: Susanna Carbona

Communication strategy: Marta Calvo

Editing: Josep Gutiérrez

Color correction: Pepe Rodríguez “Pepit”

Art director: Muma

Post-production sound: Angel Sound Studio

Voice-over: Carla Mercader

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